About Me

MemoryScapes Photographer – Deborah Scholom

In a world where moments pass in the blink of an eye, where our children blossom from infant to adult before we can catch our breath, the image remembers when.  As a photographer, I capture the connections, the touch of life within, that spark that transcends time.  Photographs accompany us on our journeys, reminding us of loved ones past and present.  They have the unique power to stop time, to capture an instance in beautiful, rich color or timeless black and white, there to last a lifetime and beyond.

I’m a parent, a lover of life, a friend and passionate photographer who firmly believes in the magic of that special image.  Life may be finite, but love lasts forever, and the image remembers long after the moment has passed. – Deborah Scholom

I began in photography many years ago.  Graduating from the University of Alaska, Anchorage with a B.A. degree in Art, emphasis area in photography, I was lucky to learn both studio and on-location photographic skills.  I worked as a product photographer for a large on-line furniture and office supply company before starting my own portrait photography business here in the Rogue Valley.  My aim is to offer a quality product that you will cherish a lifetime.  Many hours are spent after your photography session editing your images to provide you with a completely customized selection of photographs.  I take the time to capture your special family dynamic and celebrate with you the precious moments of your life.