Medford OR Wedding Reception – by Photographer MemoryScapes

Medford OR Wedding Reception – by Photographer MemoryScapes

Brittney and Ryan came all the way from Chicago for a beautiful wedding reception right here in Medford, OR hosted by her parents.  Many family members and friends arrived (some a big surprise to the excited bride) and I was lucky enough to capture both the impromptu special moments and a great selection of family portraits!  The weather decided to grace us with sunshine, instead of the predicted storm, and the children enjoyed playing in the large backyard while family members had a chance to catch up.  I feel fortunate to have had the chance to meet these lovely people and am happy that I was able to be there as their photographer!  Here’s just a small selection of the images of the love and precious family connections that I witnessed at this special celebration.  Enjoy!  - copyright, MemoryScapes Photography, Deborah Scholom

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