Cheyanah – Newborn Photography

Cheyanah – Newborn Photography

Nothing is as precious as those first few weeks of a baby’s life, their tiny fingers, lips and toes.  I had the privilege of photographing Cheyanah, a 3 week old, in my home studio this week.  She was very alert and awake for much of the shoot, but we still managed to get a few of those wonderful sleepy newborn photographs in.  What a beautiful little girl!  And I loved her bright eyes, and her tightly clenched little fists – this one’s going to be a strong little lady.  Going to be hard to pick my favorites, but here’s a sneak peak of images to share with you as I finish up some final edits.

Cheyanah Newborn Pose

Love this newborn pose - look at those lips! Darling

Cheyanah Newborn in Cocoon

Snugly wrapped in a newborn sized cocoon

Cheyanah Head on Wrists Newborn Photograph

Cheyanah with her head on her wrists

Child and Mommy Photography

Personality all the way around! This mother daughter pair was wonderful to work with.

Cheyanah's Bright Eyes

Bright and alert to her world!