Newborn Photography – Conor’s 7 Day Old Session

Newborn Photography – Conor’s 7 Day Old Session

This was a wonderful newborn photography session, complete with all those perfectly squishy faces, puckered little lips and froggy legs.  His mommy was just delightful, and we had so much fun as I posed him this way and that.  There really wasn’t a newborn pose that this little man didn’t look adorable in, and it’s hard to pick my favorites to show you here!  But that seems to be a trend… there’s just nothing as sweet as those first days of an infant’s life.  Enjoy Conor’s newborn photography session.  (And please keep in mind – photographs are copyright Deborah Scholom, MemoryScapes Photography and are not to be copied, printed or altered without the explicit permission of the photographer!).

Newborn Photography - Connor and the Aviator Hat

Sweetly sleeping with his aviator hat, what will this little man be someday?

Newborn Photography - Mommy and Child

Such a tiny head, such a tiny hand - love the shots that show just how SMALL these little ones are

Newborn Photography - Connor in a Wrap

Snuggly wrapped Connor is still fighting sleep!Beautifully curled up in this basket and peacefully sleeping.

Newborn Photography - Connor in Basket

Beautifully curled up in this basket and peacefully sleeping.

At just seven days old Connor was the perfect age for our photography session.  Remember – if you’re looking for a session like this, schedule it during your 3rd trimester!  It’s so important to get your baby in during 5 – 10 days of life for the best poses, though I’m happy to take photographs of your newborn anytime – children are precious at every age.