Pet Photography in the Rogue Valley

Pet Photography in the Rogue Valley

Original Art Images of all your furry, feathered and scaled best friends

Many families wouldn’t be complete without the companionship of a beloved dog, cat or other pet.  With intricate personalities, likes and quirks these animals belong in our hearts just as the human members of our families do.  Likewise, they belong on our walls in professional images that capture the things we so love about them.

When I head out for a pet photography shoot, I am expecting to have a bit of fun.  The first 15 minutes are spent getting to know your pet, letting them get comfortable and relaxed around the camera and me.  Some pets are natural photography subjects; others may be a bit skittish.  Many are just curious.  Your pet’s comfort comes first, and during this time I’d love for you to share stories about your pet’s personality so that we can translate that into photographs.

Photography shoots can be scheduled for indoor or outdoor locations anywhere around the Ashland and Medford, Oregon area – does your cat have a favorite perch on a window sill, or your dog a favorite spot to hike and swim?  Does your parrot have a special play-gym outside, but also loves to ride on your shoulder?  I am happy to accommodate the best possible location.

My aim is always to capture the unique personality of your pet in an artful, honest way.  Is your pet proud, silly, loving, calm or bouncy?  Photos can show your beloved animal friend in the best possible light.  In post processing I will offer a selection of both black and white and colored images for a timeless selection of prints that you will cherish.

Our pets may be with us only a short time, but they will live in our hearts forever.

Note that I don’t place any limitations on breeds or species of pets I photograph – if you have a beloved snake, rat, chinchilla, llama or pot bellied pig I will spend just as much time and attention on your pet as I would on a dog or cat.  As an animal lover, I know that even the smallest pet can have a huge impact on our lives. – Deborah Scholom, MemoryScapes Photography