Maternity Photography – Southern Oregon

Waiting for your miracle to arrive, loving your unborn child, these moments are so precious.  Your body, his or her home.  There is nothing that can compete with the miracle of pregnancy, of those months where a second heart beats within you.  Allow me the incredible honor of documenting this amazing time in the life of your unborn, with artful maternity photographs you will look back upon with a smile.

As your maternity photographer I know you won’t always feel your most glamorous when you’re pregnant (I certainly didn’t) – but don’t let that stop you from remembering these moments in pictures.  I will accommodate your desires, work with you to offer a comfortable experience, and celebrate with you this unique journey that you are on.  Pregnancy is beautiful, show it!

MemoryScapes Photography offers both on-location and in-studio maternity photography sessions.  Sessions can take place in locations including Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford and beyond.