Baby and Toddler Photography

Treasure the lively, bright spirit of your independent toddler with photographs that show your child’s personality, tenderness and excitement about the world.  Join me in seeing through the eyes of your child, let us play and discover together with your youngster for images that sparkle with life.

Whether your baby is just learning how to sit up, or has taken off on two wobbly legs at high speeds, photographing your little one should be all about fun!  We’re all proud of those first steps our children take.  We sit on the edge of our seat and applaud at those first words, encourage our child as they practice eating with a spoon, call our neighbors in excitement when our little one points at the “doggy” in a story book.  As parents, there’s nothing like watching our little one learn and interact with their world.  At least, as a mom to a toddler myself, that’s how I see it.  There’s nothing like the kisses my baby gives her great-grandma.  Those are moments that my heart will always remember, and that she will someday look at in photographs.

Let me capture the connections, the fun, the unique personality of your little one.  They grow up so fast.