Infant Photography

Infants are tiny, sleepy little beginnings that grow from day to day.  The miracle of life is astounding, tiny hands and feet leave us amazed at the process of life, and photographs capture the incredible details of our tiniest loves.

Newborn photography focuses on the beauty and innocent of your baby.  The images are a celebration of life, to be treasured a lifetime.  During your session we will take classic photos of your beautiful child.  Both black and white and color versions of fitting images will be offered to you in the final set.  A range of infant photography props, including cute hats, diaper covers and furniture are included during your photography session.

Southern Oregon Newborn Photography Locations:

There are two choices of location for most Southern Oregon infant photography sessions – your house or mine.  At this age, you may not wish to take your child outdoors (note that the recommended age for newborn photos is just 6 to 14 days of age).  At your own home, I will set up a simple “on-location” studio complete with lighting, and/or I will utilize any areas that have beautiful natural lighting.  This offers you a chance to show your newborn in the nursery and on the couch with family.  Infants get cold easily, and pose best in warm environments, so I will bring along a space heater to assure a comfortable baby during the photography session.  Alternatively you can come to my small home studio, where your child will be safe and warm for their very first photo session.